Published on:October 2017
International Journal of Pharmacology and Clinical Sciences, 2017; 6(1):15-19
Research Article | doi:10.5530/ijpcs.6.1.3

Self-Medication Practices with Antibiotics among Second Year Medical Students of Government Medical College, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

Authors and affiliation (s):

Pramood Kumar Gupta1, Presenjit Raut2*

1Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, KGH Hospital, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, INDIA.

2Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, GMC, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, INDIA.


Background: Self medication practice especially using antibiotics has tremendously increased in the society that leads to unwanted consequences such as drug resistance. Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate the self-medication practices with antibiotics among the second year medical students of Government Medical College, Raigarh. Materials & Methods: It was a questionnaire based descriptive study. A prevalidated questionnaire, which contained both open & close ended questions were given to the second year medical students. Data were analyzed using Excel sheet & results were expressed as counts and percentages. Results: Females outnumber males in this study, 27 versus 20. The most common indication for which self-medication was opted was fever with cough and cold. The information about the antibiotic was obtained from a past prescription from a physician. The most common antibiotic that was used by most of students was azithromycin. Conclusion: There was a high level of self-medication with antibiotics in our study, but this high level of self-prescription seen is also having some disadvantages, as improper duration of use might lead to development of resistance.

Key words: Self-Medication, Antibiotics, Drug Resistance, Co-Prescription, Azithromycin.

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