Published on:2014
International Journal of Pharmacology and Clinical Sciences, 2014; 3(2):34-38
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Chelation of lanthanum (La3+) by various thiols - an in vitro study

Authors and affiliation (s):

Muhammad Yaqoob1, Muhammad Farid Khan2, Muhammad Tausif Chaudhry3*, Izhar Ahmad Shaikh4

1Post Graduate, 2Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Gomal University, D. I. Khan, Pakistan

3Senior Scientific Officer, 4Junior Scientific Officer, Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR), Islamabad, Pakistan


In the present study the interaction of various thiols (L-glutathione, L-cysteine, N-acetyl cysteine and D-penicillamine) with LaCl3 was studied in vitro by modified Ellman’s method. Experiments carried out at various concentrations inferred gradual decrease in thiol concentration with the increase in La3+ concentration in aqueous solutions. Maximum interac-tion between thiols and La3+ was observed at pH 7.5 and 35°C as indicated by the lowest values of residual thiol con-centration. The order of reactivity was DPA>GSH>NAC>Cys, where reactivity increased with increasing pKa of their thiol group. The possible products of reaction are proposed to be La(RS)3 complex or oxidized form with disulfide bond (RSSR).

Key words: Chelation, Ellman’s modified method, lanthanum, thiols.

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