Indian Siddha Medical Graduate Association (ISMGA) is a registered (Reg. no.: 123/2010) Association of India (www.ismga.net). The primary members of ISMGA are the institutionally qualified Siddha Medical Gradautes  such as BSMS, BIM, MD (Siddha), Doctoral and post Doctoral degree holders in Siddha Medicine. Other people who are interested in the Indian Traditional Medicine 
are also involved in the activities of ISMGA as Associate members as well as Traditional Medicine welfare club members. 
Siddha Medical system is a Systematic Medical System in the world enumerated by our "Siddhars" who were the greatest medical scientists and therapists of the ancient times. It is Scientific, pragmatic and analytical in diagnosis, treatment and pharmacology compared to other oriental medical systems. Siddha system believes in the principle of “Food itself is medicine” and during the period of treatment, it advocates to take specific foods with the intention of improving the efficacy of drugs and diet therapy as well.  
Apart from plants, herbs and flowers, Siddha Medical System has developed a rich and unique treasure of drug knowledge in which the metals, minerals and animal derived materials are used as drugs. Many semi synthetic formulations (Vaippumuraigal in Tamil) have been developed by Siddhars to substitute rare herbals and minerals. The depth of Siddha knowledge extends up to nano science. Shiva was believed as the first Siddhar and Agasthyar, Danvantari, Thirumoolar, Bogar, Patanjali etc were some other well known Siddhars. They were the founder of Yoga, Varma therapy (traumatology and physical manipulation therapy) and kayakalpam (anti-ageing). Through Danvantari and Nagarjuna, Siddha system has been incorporated within Ayurveda. Through Bogar and Bodhi Dharma, Siddha system has transformed into Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupressure at China. Through Rama Devar (Yaccob), Siddha system was integrated with Arabic Traditional Medicine. Thus, siddha Medicine is believed to be the mother of Traditional Medicines. This immense knowledge of Siddha Medicines was transferred by Indian Yogis (Siddhars) from the caves of Pothigai Mountain (Western Ghats of South India) to rest of the world.
ISMGA serves as the progressive platform for the transmission of this knowledge to the modern advances and latest trends. ISMGA advocates bringing in the best utilization of this approach by the government and all Medical Institutions. ISMGA generates immense opportunities in the Government welfare schemes dealing with health care for Siddha Medicine and take efforts to coordinate and communicate its importance. ISMGA believes the evidence based scientific medical practice, thus encouraging research in Traditional & Complementary medicine.