Pharmacy Safety and Occupational Health Program in Saudi Arabia

International Journal of Pharmacology and Clinical Sciences, 2023, 12, 3, 127-128.
Published: February 2024
Type: Editorial
Authors: Yousef Ahmed Alomi
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Yousef Ahmed Alomi
BSc. Pharm, MSc. Clin Pharm, BCPS, BCNSP, DiBA, CDE Critical Care Clinical Pharmacists, TPN Clinical Pharmacist, Freelancer Business Planner, Content Editor, and Data Analyst, Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA.


Medication safety is a well-known concept locally and internationally. It deals with drugs inside the patient’s health workers or healthcare providers. In contrast, another safety issue discusses the safety of the patient or healthcare professionals. It is safe during the occupational and professional process. There are safety concerns for the whole life during working, house, and practicing everyday life. The safety to prevent any destruction or threats of personal, equipment, material, or pharmaceutical products and the environment during health care operations. Safety is required for ethical issues and humanity’s safety. Providing a safe environment during regular work and jobs leads to work satisfaction and increases performance and activities. Besides, practice safety performances that distribute safety concepts in society. Safety at work requires strictly following occupational health safety laws and regulations and voiding any financial penalties if not following the law. Besides the economic burden by preventing incidents for human life, equipment, and the environment.
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