Safety and Occupational Health in Pharmacy Practice: A New Initiative Project in Saudi Arabia

International Journal of Pharmacology and Clinical Sciences, 2023, 12, 4, 175-178.
Published: February 2024
Type: Review Article
Authors: Yousef Ahmed Alomi and Naif Saleh Alamri
Author(s) affiliations:
Yousef Ahmed Alomi,
BSc. Pharm, MSc. Clin Pharm, BCPS, BCNSP, DiBA, CDE Critical Care Clinical Pharmacists, TPN Clinical Pharmacist, Freelancer Business Planner, Content Editor, and Data Analyst, Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA.

Naif Saleh Alamri,
Bachelor of Engineering, Director General of the General Administration of Security and Safety, Ministry of Health, Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA.


Objectives: The Pharmacy Safety and Occupational Health services were created to align with pharmacy strategies in the future. The topic aims to declare Pharmacy Safety and Occupational Health services as a new initiative in Saudi Arabia. Methods: This new project is driven by local and international Safety and Occupational Health regulations and standards of care. It was formulated from guidelines of pharmacy projects, the international business model, and management institution guidelines for the new project. Project management professionals draft this initiative in various stages, from initial planning to execution, monitoring, and control. Results: Pharmacy Safety and Occupational Health services include fundamental elements such as a defined vision, mission, and goals, besides the pharmacy security, pharmacy fire safety, medication safety datasheet, hazard materials, pharmacy disaster, and safety equipment maintenance. Furthermore, the risk management model description ensures the project’s continuation. Besides, the monitoring and control of the services were declared. Finally, the analysis investigates the transition to the operation project until the project is in the closed stage. Conclusion: Pharmacy Safety and Occupational Health services are a new initiative in the pharmacy strategic plan with Saudi Vision 2030. Pharmaceutical firms require a clear vision, policy, and long-term partnership. Pharmaceutical care and manufacturer gatherings may be essential in developing appropriate pharmacy professional services zooming on patient care to reach optimal drug therapy management, prevent drug-related misadventures, and avoid unnecessary costs.
Keywords: Health, Initiative, Occupational safety, Pharmacy, Saudi Arabia, Services.